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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

lymph_drainThis is a technique developed in Germany by Emil Vodder.  It is also known as MLD and it consists of several techniques that apply gentle massage.

The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system through which lymphatic fluid, also known as “the river of life”, which circulates and irrigates the entire body.  It plays a key role in the functioning of immune system. The body contains an intricate system of lymphatic vessels that carry clear lymphatic fluid, also called lymph, from the lymph nodes throughout the body to the heart. However, blood does not come into direct contact with the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system removes fluid from body tissues that may be delivered by the blood, absorbs fatty acids from the intestines, circulates white blood cells and responds to infections.

LYMPH EDEMA is a medical condition that occurs when the lymphatic system becomes blocked or does not remove efficiently the excess of fluids from the body tissue.

EDEMA is the swelling of body tissues due to accumulation of fluid within the tissues and/or due to dysfunction of lymphatic system. The Lymph edema may be caused by certain infections, parasites, surgeries, injuries, radiation or cancer.

MLD- Pregnancy is the Manual Lymph Drainage Massage performed on pregnant patients who suffer from lymph edema.

The benefits of MLD during pregnancy are many, but in special the following:

  • Keep functions of the immune system in optimal conditions;
  • It prevents illnesses;
  • It reduces the edema retention;
  • It prevents stretch marks;
  • It helps for stress management;
  • It provides constipation relief.

On the other hand, MDL may cause in some patients side effects such as increased output, headache, odor/urination color changes and tiredness.

MLD – of the Head, Neck, and Face is the Manual Lymph Drainage Massage that is specifically focused on the head, neck, and face areas and it is often performed on plastic surgery patients. It is performed before and after surgeries to provide patients with a short postoperative recovery and a return to normal activity and sensation of the operated areas. It is also a treatment performed on patients that face medical conditions such as headaches, trigeminal neuralgia, bell’s palsy, ear aches, sinusitis, strokes, burns, Alzheimer, and glaucoma.

The benefits of MLD – of the Head, Neck, and Face include the following:

  • It increases vessel activity and promotes lymph flow.
  • It removes waste and eradication of cellular debris.
  • Transportation of healthy nutrients can be enhanced 10x’s to facilitate detoxification, edema and bruising reduction through maximization of the immune system.
  • It reduces post operative recovery from 9-12 months to 6 weeks- 3months.