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Sports Massage

sports_massageThis type of massage is designed to prepare athletes for their best performance by reducing the fatigue, and relieving the muscle swelling and tension. The sport massage should be applied before and after an athletic performance.  A pre-massage is always advised in order to warm up the major muscles to be used and to improve tissue pliability. Post- massage is mainly focused upon body recovery by reducing muscle spasms and metabolic build- up occurred during vigorous exercise.  Other sport massage benefits are:

  • It prevents or relieves delayed onset muscle soreness caused by tissue damage; Relief is accomplished by means of stimulation of blood and lymph flow throughout the entire body;
  • It provides stress and pain reduction.  The body releases endorphins as effect of sport massage, and thereby anxiety decreases;
  • It helps relieve pain and prevent injuries that may affect flexibility, mobility and response time;
  • sport massage can reduce chronic tight muscles and lack of flexibility;
  • It prevents muscular strain.